About us

Durable oak, ash, plywood and mahogany staircases with construction out of steel and railings from glass or wood. Built by professionals, who pay huge attention to every detail and use modern materials.

Company was founded in 2004 and is based in Lithuania, but we distribute our production all over Europe and quality is our top priority.

All staircases are designed in a custom way with adaptation to the individual needs and desires of the customer, always in accordance with strict ergonomic requirements.

The process.

We use only high-quality materials in every stage of production, from the selection of raw wood to oiling and varnishing the stairs to achieve your desired shade and color. In our work, we use only modern equipment such as laser-cut technology, which provides high precision to the final product.


This is a 3D.

Together with our customers, we identify the best and most convenient solution for them because every house, project, and staircase is unique. Afterwards, we present the 3D illustrations of the future staircase, so everybody would be in line with the project and no detail would be left out.

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Our core values.


Durability and stability

We appreciate staircases that can withstand the test of time and remains an elegant element for many generation to use.


Ergonomisk Environment

To move from one floor to another might be a strain if the stairs are mis-sized. Our solutions always take into an account the user experience to ensure the stability in every step you make.



The needs of our clients changes as often as the weather and due to that we need to adapt to find the best way. We constantly challenge ourselves to create what wasn’t created before and we always say YES to our customer request.




All our in-house team members are highly qualified professionals, who have spent at least half a life working with wood or steel, and have tens of years of experience. 

In our team we have: 

_.> 2 carpenters/woodworkers

_.> 2 welders

_.> 4 montage/instalment workers

_.> 3 employees at the back office.

As well, we are always in contact with designers, architects and 3D specialists to always update our processes, so we could deliver the top quality for our clients.

We always focus on the quality rather than on the quantity and we install approximately 50 staircases per year.

Founder and CEO - Giedrius Alminas

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