Our Featured Projects.

Project in Oslo. 

Massive and durable staircase in a stellar house next to Oslo. Big steps, lot's of glass, firm metal construction. 

Lightning under steps example 3.jpg
Project with LEDs.

Closed steps from oak with attached LED lightning under every step. And railings from glass with an oak handrail creates harmony.

Our story. 

Durable oak, ash, mahogany and plywood staircases with construction out of steel and railings from glass or wood. Built by professionals, who pay huge attention to every detail and use modern materials.

The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Lithuania, but we distribute our production all over Europe and quality is our top priority.

All staircases are designed in a custom way with adaptation to the individual needs and desires of the customer, always in accordance with strict ergonomic requirements.



Project - white staircase.

Gracious staircase with covered steel construction and painted in white. Closed steps from oak and an additional oak handrail on the side. 

Durable, stylish and long-lasting solution for a bigger house.


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Project at Mercedess Car showroom.

A commercial staircase solution with double, extremely long-lasting metal construction, enlightened steps and glass railings at this stellar car showroom.


Image by Mikita Karasiou

Didrik Hereid
Kopervik, Norway

We are thrilled to order this stairs from your company! Stairs was the mostly important thing in our house and projection we started from big nice bended stairs in the middle of a house, seen from all sides. Strongly recommend, with high quality of performance!

Image by Seth kane

Cathrine & Bertwin

Bødalen, Norway

We are very thankful for nice stairs in our house. We got 3D sketches at first and it helps better to imagine how it will appear in our home. Strongly recommended, modern, high quality stairs

Image by Maxim Hopman

Alex Balani

Birmingham, UK

Thanks a lot for a wonderful high quality stairs! They fit perfectly in our interior. Nice stairs from nice and friendly people. You're always welcome in Birmingham!


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